The Rose From The Grain. Freelance Artist.

Tend To Your Garden. 

Since entering the music world in 2017, Seline Haze has taken hip-hop music to new heights, capturing the hearts of fans across the globe. Take a look around the site and find out more about this genre-defying musician. Become apart of the SQUAD!


Introduction of

Seline Haze, (also known as Hazey) is a unapologetically, carefree black woman. Healing through with her music and using art as a way of creative, self-expression. Since a child, Seline always had a love for the art. Using poetry as a coping mechanism, and to heal her own depression /anxiety, her poetry evolved into music later, after she fell in love with the craft. Hip-Hop saved her life.
Through the trials and tribulations thrown her way, Hazey incorporates her experiences and welcomes you in with her sound. Seline Haze is living to motivate, empathize, and inspire the world with her story. Using her variety of sounds and lyrics to talk about depression, anxiety and finding self-love along the way of her journey invites the listener to feel, also motivating them to push forward. With her smooth poetic flows, laconic beats and witty lyricism, she captures the essence of hip-hip. Seline Haze has the seasoned poise of a veteran.